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St Padre Pio Church
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St. Padre Pio

 an Old Catholic Church

Share in Worship.  Come and See!

Saturday 4:30pm
Sunday 9:30am & 11:15am

We are under the Episcopal protection of Bishop James St. George OSFoc.  

 “Always Looking for the LOST SHEEP” –Luke 15

Questions – Please email, text or call:
Father Bob O’Connell OSFoc (843) 851-5577 or
Father Joseph McDonald OSFoc (843) 901-4401

Church Phone:  (843) 851-5577
102 Old Trolley Road
Summerville, SC 29485

We Are an Old Catholic Community

  We see a world where each individual understands their God-given mission in life and is doing their best to fulfill it; a world where Catholics and non-Catholics work together, fellowship together and worship together.  We see a world where Jesus' example of loving, servant leadership is modeled in every family, in the parish, and in the community.
Core Values
Love of Christ and Neighbor
Catholic Centered
All Inclusive
Ministry outside our walls
Dedicated to Discipleship

We welcome all: straight, gay, single, married, divorced or remarried, a family with children, or not, old or young, every ethnicity, all faith backgrounds and denominations, the rich and especially the poor.  

We will Visit you, Pray with you, and Celebrate the Sacraments with you in and out of our church - that is what we are called to do.  

We are an Old Catholic Community, like many throughout the country and the world, that is not affiliated with the Diocese of Rome, We are however not schematic of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Catholic Church.  Rooted in Catholic Christian Traditions, we are do not follow the leadership of Rome but of the Older Catholic Teachings of the early Church.  

We are an accepting community of faith, a thriving place where you and your family can grow in your relationship with Christ, to seek Him as a deer to water, and a place where we live in Faith, Hope and Charity but above All in Love of God and Neighbor.  

All are welcome to receive Communion – To the Table of the Lord
Return to the Church - We are All Prodigals - We reach Beyond the Walls of our buildings.

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